Welcome To Hyderabad Filters


HYDERABAD FILTERS is a firm, set up by technically qualified engineers, engaged in the design, manufacture and supply of filters for air, oil, fuel and other liquids and gases.

With decades of production and marketing experience, we have supplied filtration products for industrial machinery, transport and handling equipment, etc., made by large ,reputed companies from India, Germany, France, Japan, UK, USA, etc. Filtration products are vital elements, with one -time as well recurring, replacement applications in all operating installations.

All Motion and Power-Transmission mechanisms require fluid – flow systems, or a variety of performance requirements such as lubrication, power – transmittal, heat – removal and removal of debris, generated due to process and wear.

Filter elements form critical components of fluid flow systems, which are used to prevent premature wear and damage to costly machines, such as diesel engines, compressors, steam and gas turbines, automotives, hydraulic systems, transformers, rotating industrial machinery, etc

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